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In the same way, I am also a Parsi and a Christian too. The novel explores the unexpected twists and turns that life can take at any stage of our lives. The seeds for disaster, sown many years previously, lay dormant but Las Vegas, with its glittery amorality sparks off a chain of events that, once started, cannot be stopped until every aspect has been resolved. Her beliefs are challenged when she falls in love with a stranger and she embarks on a passionate affair. Her husband, Hans, is increasingly obsessed with his sister who vanished when she was fourteen; he is convinced that a psychic will be able to help him contact her and help him resolve his incestuous desires.

This book is based in Vegas; the title of your previous novel was West of Wawa. Are geography, space, and location important for your work? My initial answer was no but the truth is yes! Yes, geography, space and location are important to my work and I realize the extent to which this is true when thinking about your question.

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What motivates you to write, and what compels you to be so prolific? I never stop thinking about stories. And I truly do mean do mean never! I got some real feedback not just my Mom telling me how great I am!

A Glittering Chaos

There are writers out there who have published one tiny gem and never written again and I think that has a greater worth of the two scenarios. Is your novel obscene? I never censure what I write. A lot of readers found The Hungry Mirror to be extremely disturbing and triggering and dark.

The comparison of these two authors may leave some speechless but that would sum up my goals. Definition of obscene. By that definition, I think a lot of things are still considered to be obscene today and A Glittering Chaos has already been judged to be that by some reviewers.

Description The adage about "what happens in Vegas" is funny precisely because we know it's wishful thinking. A Glittering Chaos is about what happens when "what happens in Vegas" comes home to haunt you.

Melusine is a German librarian whose ho-hum world wobbles after she tags along when her husband Hans attends a Las Vegas optometry conference. A newly empty nester who speaks no English, Melusine's voyage of self-discovery is punctuated by the poetry of Ingeborg Bachmann, nude photos in the desert, a black dildo named Kurt, autoerotic asphyxia, and the unravelling of her husband's sanity because of a secret from his youth.

A smart, funny and incredibly wise novel about marriage, secrets and lies, and unusual sexual proclivities.

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The Largeness of Rescue Eva Tihanyi. Incidental Music Lydia Perovic. Beauty Beneath the Banyon Crystal Fletcher. In the Name of Love Sam Mukherjee. Review quote "An innocent trip to Las Vegas sparks a series of commissions and revelations that unravel a couple's deepest beliefs about themselves and each other. Like Madame Bovary before it, A Glittering Chaos illustrates with an expert synthesis of empathy and honesty the ways in which our fantasies can have very real, and potentially devastating, consequences.

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The perfect balance of the Yin Yang of writing shines through in every chapter. The story itself is engrossing with an ending I didn't expect so it would rank high on that basis alone. What impressed me more, however, is the author's skill - her writing soars. Over and over again I was carried away with a turn of phrase or a perfect description. It stands on its own as a literary novel. And if that isn't enough, the hot romance was great! McIntosh, author of The Witch of Babylon and The Book of Stolen Tales"Lisa de Nikolits manages to integrate all these surprising pieces into a jigsaw that is a poignant, at times even lyrical, story of sexual coming-of-age, and the sometimes hard price paid for the wisdom of middle-age.

Sometimes comical, sometimes touching, sometimes outrageous, A Glittering Chaos is a riveting read from start to finish. Part romance, part thriller, part mystery story, I found myself wondering what twists and turns would happen next. Nothing in this story was predictable: the book kept me guessing and intrigued to the final page.

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Here is a writer who is willing to explore the darkest corners of the human psyche and expose life for all its beauty and depravity. Lisa de Nikolits is a master storyteller who takes the reader on an unforgettable ride that begins with Melusine and her husband, Hans, whose trip to Las Vegas unravels their lives in ways they never would have thought possible.

Stories within stories. Illicit love. A city's power to unleash forgotten selves.