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Messages from the Masters: Timeless Truths for Spiritual Seekers

J King. We must wake up from our dream selves person-hood and disappear into our pure nobodiness nothingness , the all-encompassing wholeness of life. The subtle nature of aware presence is not any kind of an object, it does not have a location in space and time; therefore to the discriminating thinking-mind it is so readily dismissed.

Our true nature as awareness does not have an objective quality such as age, size, color, duration or change. We are overlooking that which is doing the very looking itself. In identifying and reacting with conceptual thinking, emotions and behaviors; you will continue to remain unawakened spiritually unconscious and imprisoned in it.

Only through self-mastery, divine love, emptiness, stillness, presence and silence can one be overflowing with an endless reservoir of insight and unimaginable possibilities. If you really want to be spiritually liberated, you will have to drop your false, mind-made sense of a self concepts and exclusive belief systems that you have attached to the depth of being. There is just the eternal One Life underlining all form manifestation, right Here, right Now.

This ever-present Life is spontaneously playing and living us, as this polarized universe. When we are no-one, then we are One not two. This is the nameless, formless face we had before we were born, our original face. I would like to clarify that all practices, tools, books, crystals, spiritual discipline and techniques, are not classified as bad or negative if we see them as symbols. These ritualistic practices, sacred objects, processes and belief systems act as for the most part as placebos and do not have any independent, intrinsic power in and of themselves to make us more happy, at peace or enlightened.

It is our erroneous ideas about spiritual awakening that holds us back from truly realizing authentic awakening. This understanding and acceptance creates the vast space to which fields of infinite possibilities can arise out of. In the process of consciously emptying ourselves of physical and mental identification with fleeting forms stripping away all that we are not , what will remain is our one, undivided reality Unconditioned Awareness. Only by taking this final step to divine recognition can we free ourselves from the illusory sense of a objectified self.

Beware of the pitfalls and traps on the spiritual path.

Critcizing Enlightened Masters: Karma Blocks your Vision for Accepting Truth

There has been an influx of spiritual teachers self-proclaimed mystics, sages, enlightened masters, gurus, channelers, healers, etc. This false awakening gives birth to a spiritual self-image referred to as the spiritual ego ; which is so deceptive that it cleverly hides behind the mask of appearing ego-less, rare and a special individual apart from others. For this reason, all spiritual students both basic and advanced must proceed with mindful caution when seeking them out for knowledge and guidance.

Only through the state of spiritual transcendence can one play the role of a true teacher by way of example ; a clean mirror, reflecting pure presence, in order to unconditionally assist others. At first glance to the mind, it can easily be misinterpreted as negative, if taken literally. With a deeper spiritual understanding to what was said, it is a deep, symbolic truth; a warning for us to destroy deconstruct all myriad forms images, words and mental concepts that stand in the way of our own personal and direct experience of spiritual truth self-realization.

Any unconscious over-identification or attachment to forms held in the mind and sense perceptions , will inevitably lock us in holding patterns and lead us into further human suffering. Too many delusional spiritual leaders have abused their power and kept their doting disciples at bay, they are spreading misinformation unknowingly; leaving them trapped in a limited and illusory level of outward form.

What do I mean by this? Our conditioned egoic-minds sees the world through the lenses of assumed division, distinctions, labels, categories, comparisons and the surface of things. People that are unconsciously identified with their conditioning borrowed from their cultures, traditions and social conditioning, certain mental images that they had consensually agreed upon to be revered as holy, pious, and spiritually enlightened. We project our cherished interpretations of enlightenment based on our own theological framework onto these elected figures and in turn, block the process of our own spiritual awakening.

New Book from Gary on Colossians

Many of these spiritual teachers have become regurgitators of information without doing the work on themselves , they failed to understand the essential teachings and have exploited and manipulated the suffering seekers. All of these trappings only serve to continuously feed the conditioned minds of the masses, the belief in external dependencies for salvation. Form is the outward, polarized appearance of things, which creates the illusory cloak of separation.

All forms mental, emotional and physical are cyclical in nature and unstable, in other words they do not have any permanency in them jobs, relationships, finances, health, feelings etc. Society at large has been seeking happiness and salvation in the impermanent, illusory world of appearances. So many cultures have made the common mistake of being overly dependent and biased toward particular spiritual figures of the world misplaced admiration ; who have merely served as pointing indicating to universal and timeless spiritual truths throughout the ages.

Once you make any mental distinctions, you will create conflict within your being; this polarized mental standpoint will make you divided fragmented inside. When we consciously remove the conceptual identities that separate us from each other, we can truly awaken to the timeless universal field of Oneness. No swami, guru, master, shaman, channeler or spiritual teacher can ever give to us what we already are. Messengers are merely the fingers pointing towards a deeper reality of existence; the messengers are not the truth nor should they be revered as more special, elevated, superior or holier than anyone.

If we get caught up with whom these messengers are name, title, personal story, culture, race, etc. Spiritual knowledge should only serve as a signpost, pointing the way back to the source of our undifferentiated consciousness. In this way empty teachers can serve as a vital symbol of pure awareness, by loosening the grip of their own fantasy and distractions with the phenomenal world.

We obscure and compromise our unbounded aware presence with flawed, outdated beliefs of shaped by our social conditioning cultural, national, political, economic, social leadership, religious etc it not only defines us, it confines us.

It is important to stay focused on the core spiritual truths in and of themselves that can only be found through deeper self-introspection exploring, questioning and observing reality beyond superficial appearances and direct-personal experience. Spiritual enlightenment cannot be held down by the crippling weight of conformity: slaves to the invisible chains of man-made tradition, organized religions, ideologies, politics, conventions, consumerism, addictions, financial debt survival mode and socialization.

They all represent the various hidden influences, control mechanisms and power games that mold and shape our lives and are great barriers to the aliveness of living awareness. World traditions want people to function from the state of unawareness, complacency and blind obedience in order to be easily controlled without questioning their external authorities.

Unless we drop our auto-pilot programming — role-playing, social masks persona , the self-portrait of a false, psychological sense of self with its many accumulated stories that we had constructed and mistaken ourselves to be that we attempt to defend and protect , we will not be able to find our authentic, constant and unchanging Self that resides eternally from within. Free in every way possible to live more consciously from that still and silent, universal spaciousness of aware presence.

Spiritual Enlightenment is not an achievement or a goal that we need to obtain, this false belief system only serves to perpetuate the idea that you will never reach it. Enlightenment is a simple recognition in remembering what you fundamentally already are no-one , a discovery of the infinite intelligence that already exists inside of us.

Nothing is ever separate, nothing is ever excluded from the self-sufficient, perfect wholeness of life. We are not independent doers, the Absolute Prime Cause is the only Doer Presence is One which is the unmoving, unalterable center of our nameless being. You are not just a limited, sentient life-form thoughts, emotional states and sense perceptions that you were raised to believe.

The personal self that we think we think we are cannot awaken — we have must awaken from the dream-self in order to realize our true Self. You are unconditioned sentience the One Life itself, the universal self-organizing intelligence that stabilizes and governs all things. You are this absolute, primordial awareness, not the transient content of consciousness that is constantly appearing and disappearing in the great space of your Being. Your primary objective is to break through this pseudo self-portrait of person-hood by peeling away all the heavy layers of mental-emotional resistance and realize the True Source within; not to make large sums of money, a name or create social change.

Once you consciously make the choice, out of your total readiness to enter into the light of your spacious presence without any center or borders, you emerge with the totality of the universe your nobodiness. All pseudo masks, labels and concepts that had once given us a strong sense of an identity, are dropped. We live in the same world as the undisturbed witness, but no longer in the same way anymore. As nameless awareness we wake up from the sensory experiences of dream identification with physical and mental thought-forms.

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