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Some of these gruesome occult objects are nightmare-inducing, while others are just plain strange - even weirder, though, are the everyday items with secret black-magic uses.

Read on to learn about all the ways in which the items listed are used in occult rituals - past and present. The embellished baby corpse, also known as kuman thong or "golden boy" finds its roots in Thailand. They can reportedly "see" approximately 20, kilometers around them, successfully scaring off any spirit before it dares try to enter a building. In spells, the hand of glory and its accompanying candle can immobilize people, unlock doors, and tell the user where a treasure is hidden.

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Gris-gris bags are voodoo talismans that are used to serve one of two purposes: they ward off evil or they give the wearer good or bad luck. Paris, G. Kadmon, Eve, Cain, Abel, Enoch, are all of them more intimately connected, by geometrical and astronomical relations, with Physiology or Phallicism than with Theology or Religion.

Little as people are as yet prepared to admit it, this will be shown to be a fact. If all those names are symbols for things hidden, as well as for those manifested, in the Bible as in the Vedas, their respective mysteries differ greatly. Apart from this, every cosmogony, from the earliest to the latest, is based upon, interlinked with, and most closely related to, numerals and geometric figures.

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Any Kabalist well acquainted with the Pythagorean system of numerals and geometry can demonstrate that the metaphysical views of Plato were based upon the strictest mathematical principles. Anonymous , Frankfurt and Leipzig, Franz Hartmann presented the substance of it in a series of translated and condensed excerpts in The Theosophist, Vol. V, April, June and July, The cosmological theory of numerals which Pythagoras learned [in India, and] from the Egyptian Hierophants, is alone able to reconcile the two units, matter and spirit, and cause each to demonstrate the other mathematically.

The sacred numbers of the universe in their esoteric combination can alone solve the great problem and explain the theory of radiation and the cycle of the emanations.

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The lower orders, before they develop into higher ones, must emanate from the higher spiritual ones, and when arrived at the turning-point, be reabsorbed into the infinite. Therefore, this law—as everything else immutable and fixed in eternity—could find a correct expression only in those purest transcendental Mathematics referred to by Plato, especially in Geometry as transcendentally applied. Revealed to men—we fear not and will not retract the expression—in this geometrical and symbolical garb, Truth has grown and developed into additional symbology, invented by man for the wants and better comprehension of the masses of mankind that came too late in their cyclic development and evolution to have shared in the primitive knowledge, and would never have grasped it otherwise.

If later on, the clergy— crafty and ambitious of power in every age—anthropomorphized and degraded abstract ideals, as well as the real and divine Beings who do exist in Nature, and are the Guardians and Protectors of our manvantaric world and period, the fault and guilt rests with those would-be leaders, not with the masses.

But the day has come when the gross conceptions of our forefathers during the Middle Ages can no longer satisfy the thoughtful religionist. The mediaeval Alchemist and Mystic are now transformed into the sceptical Chemist and Physicist; and most of them are found to have turned away from truth, on account of the purely anthropomorphic ideas, the gross Materialism, of the forms in which it is presented to them. I, pp. This cannot be achieved at once, for to benefit mankind such truths have to be revealed gradually and with great caution, the public mind not being prepared for them.

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However much the Agnostics of our age may find themselves in the mental attitude demanded by Modern Science, people are always apt to cling to their old hobbies so long as the remembrance of them lasts. They are like the Emperor Julian—called the Apostate, because he loved truth too well to accept aught else—who, though in his last Theophany he beheld his beloved Gods as pale, worn-out, and hardly discernible shadows, nevertheless clung to them.

Let, then, the world cling to its Gods, to whatever plane or realm they may belong.

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The true Occultist would be guilty of high treason to mankind, were he to break forever the old deities before he could replace them with the whole and unadulterated truth—and this he cannot do as yet. Nevertheless, the reader may be allowed to learn at least the alphabet of that truth. He may be shown, at any rate, what the Gods and Goddesses of the Pagans, denounced as demons by the Church, are not, if he cannot learn the whole and final truth as to what they are.

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The whole of the ancient religious and mystical literature is symbolical. Eugenius Abel, Orphica, Lipsiae, See B. VIII, pp. The Theosophist, Vol. LIII, December, , p. He also arrives at most unexpected and extraordinary conclusions, such as are very little warranted by the facts discovered. In its exclusiveness and onesidedness such a conclusion is pregnant with future misconceptions and is absolutely wrong.

Or in other words represents an exact Science only on the terrestrial plane.

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Hence the most important secret yet yielded by her in our modern day is the identity of the old Roman measures and the present British measures, of the Hebrew Egyptian cubit and the Masonic inch. How many more similar instances may not be found in the Bible, the last and latest of the Occult works of antiquity? Taken by itself, without the additional help of the Vaidic and of Brahmanical literature in general, the Bible will never yield the universal secrets of Occult Nature. The cubits, inches, and measures of this physical plane will never solve the problems of the world on the spiritual plane—for Spirit can neither be weighed nor measured.

III, p.